Santa Rosa Veneers and Implants

Composite Resin Fillings

Composite fillings are a mixture and powdered glass and plastic resin, sometimes referred to as white, plastic, or tooth-colored fillings. It is used for fillings, inlays, veneers, partial and complete crowns, or to repair portions of broken teeth.



  • Strong and durable
  • Tooth colored
  • Single visit for fillings
  • Resists breaking
  • Maximum amount of tooth preserved
  • Small risk of leakage if bonded only to enamel
  • Does not corrode
  • Generally holds up well to the forces of biting depending on product used
  • Resistance to further decay is moderate and easy to find
  • Frequency of repair or replacement is low to moderate



  • Moderate occurrence of tooth sensitivity; sensitive to dentist's method of application
  • Costs more than dental amalgam
  • Material shrinks when hardened and could lead to further decay and/or temperature sensitivity
  • Rrequires more than one visit for inlays, veneers, and crowns
  • May wear faster than dental enamel
  • May leak over time when bonded beneath the layer of enamel



The durability of any dental restoration is influenced not only be the material it is made from, but also by the dentist's technique when placing the restoration. Other factors include the supporting materials used in the procedure and the patient's cooperation during the procedure. The length of time a restoration will last is dependent upon your dental hygiene, home care, and diet and chewing habits.